Thursday, May 26, 2011

A funda called sleep

Sleeping beauty Aqseer
I beg to differ on sleep.
Even as a teenager, I mostly slept long only to sleep the blues away.
Copious sessions of slumber always turn my head to sluggish precast. Shut eye seems such a waste of precious time alive.
I can sleep only as long as is biologically necessary.
Sleeping beauty Asawari
I love the Cinderella hour, the hush that blankets the dark, an hour of crystal thoughts, the clink and soft whoosh of spirits entering brief amnesia…..sleep, “a  little slice of death”…..a suspension of volition… immersion in the faraway……a seeming eternity from all that I love….and so it came to be, there is only one pillow I know and the name of that cushion is  honest-to-goodness exhaustion !

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