Sunday, May 29, 2011

The man doth protest....

You ain't seen the cross bite yet..ooph 
On the rare occasions when he catches a post on way out to the gym or between fetching himself another bottle of aqua and answering the phone, there is a protest, “Your blog reads like I had nothing to do with the kids!”

Oops! Might that have been my subconscious idea?!

I began writing the blog out of an urge to filter the kaleidoscopic, whirlwind years so far. The blog was to have been my talk with yours truly. With more than half the excursion behind, there was this yen to step back and assess, like one does the cake being iced! Did I validate and authenticate myself? Did I state my terms? Did I get involved? Did I drive with a road map or has it been a meander? How much of the chunk I have lived was of my own choosing and where next? How do I trek ahead with a greater clarity of purpose?

As I wrote, multiple benefits began to stack up. Some entirely unexpected and new connections came into focus. Meeting old and loved friends on these pages gave our friendship a new zing.  There was suddenly this family record and forum growing out of nowhere. I felt more connected with the girls, courtesy this new age, digital story telling. The blog began to mean several more things. It became the thrill of seeing my ‘page view’ meter forge ahead. It meant that stab of delight at a new addition to the followers list. It was exciting to see a new comment from a surfer. There was relief that at least two of my loyal readers had checked the “like button”.

As the posts continue to spew today, it is becoming my catharsis, my connection, my corroboration, my certification. It is reaffirming my eternal awe for the power, the beauty and the vitality of words; the fact that words are to be treated with respect, using only what is necessary. When a particular post hits a nerve, it proves the abiding belief that underneath the diverse veneer, humans share the commonality of need, hurt, hope, happiness, despair. We all dream, we are all on a patrol.

This will be my 50th post. I don’t yet know where this is going. Ought I to segregate my blog into sections on primary education, armed forces culture, family/friends, Indianness?! 

For now, it seems enough to be inspired and to connect.

In throes over the machine

PS: While sifting through the albums, lightening has struck more than once. It hit me the other day that I had married an incredibly handsome man! 

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