Monday, May 2, 2011

A matter of honour

Hello Girls! I worry occasionally that I may have warned you too much about the pitfalls of life. In my concern for your safety and welfare while away from us, have I at times painted too dark a picture of the world to you both? Have I warned you too much: did I tell you too often to trust with that tinge of wariness, to pick friends with care and to watch your backs at regular intervals?

There is a whole wily wide world  out there, complete with scams, ludicrous jamborees and gaudy orgies. The constant basis pretty much seem to bemutually beneficial arrangements, adjustments and agreements. Even settings and tunings as they are known in the National Capital Region of India. There are deals and more deals.

What this circus conveys to the young like you both is a recurrent nightmare with me and several parents I know. Not just the teenagers, it is the tweenagers too who seem cynical and jaded and coarse. A spectrum of at the least three generations, raised on the code of convenience and an acquisition of skills to work the system. The omnipresent enamour of the power of power!

In the process of preparing you for this though, was I able to balance caution with confidence? Did I even out enough, a healthy faith in humanity with a realistic acceptance of human nature? Have you been able to retain your capacity for unbridled laughter despite some of the corrosive phenomena around?

I want to tell you that life is beautiful despite the environment that makes parents like me forewarn their children thus. I believe that there is an inherent sense of honour and decency in most regular people. There is every reason to be hopeful and upbeat and in love.

A few thumb rules will not harm

Do not run down the institute you are working or studying with. If it is so terrible, what have you done about it? What has been your contribution? What are you doing there, in the pits anyway? Take pride in your environment. Make it richer with your presence. Your surroundings are good because you are there, in the thick of it.

Try not to burn bridges. Disengage when the offensive is getting out of hand. There may be a future prospect of coming back to the table. People cool down. They are more reasonable when they have chewed on the conflict a while. And most want to make up and get on with it. Bridges are huge investments. Think before you blow them up.

If you have given your word, keep it, no matter how small or big the issue may be. I cannot emphasise this enough.It is the oxygen that keeps relationships alive and trusting.

Smile often. And work hard. There is no honest fatigue that a good night's sleep will not cure. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself constantly. You could learn a new skill. You could throw yourselves in an adventure activity. You could surround yourselves with strangers for a change. Step out of your self constructed walls of security. It is the only way to grow. The only way to stay alive ! The one way to honour yourself and those you love.

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