Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lemon of life

Life really is akin to a lemon. To get your value’s worth, you need to squeeze it real hard but take it beyond that point and it becomes bitter like the rind. Yet, if you grated in moderation, it would reward you with a light and fresh and piquant flavor.

Quite in the manner of the citrus, life is neither all sweet, nor all sour nor through and through bitter. The effort to mix it all right, that magic acerbic lemonade recipe will have to come from you.

Like the yellow fruit, life will cause you to grimace, smile or pucker up the face. It will tantalize with just a tangy whiff. It will promise a whole lot of potential. It will tease, it will delight, it will reward but only when taken right, precisely in the manner of the lutescent.

Use life right, like you would, your last solo lime for that elusive, uplifting, floating flavour called " a happiness alive". Sometimes, a dash is all you need. 

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