Thursday, July 7, 2011

Animus bay

Eyes! The eyes don’t lie. They are pools that reflect human lives as they were actually lived, in the shadows of the public smiles and tinkle cheer. Those pupils flash vignettes of pain, disappointment, hurt, loneliness and fear. In the irises is a snapshot of man’s intrinsic vulnerability. There are pictures there of love, longing and the need to be needed. Frames of elation. Hues of despair. Sepia shots of poignancy and hope. The eyes don’t lie.

There can be the strangest of moments with the eyes. It is not only entirely feasible but quite common for two people to be saying one thing to each other while their eyes speak a silent language of their own. Eyes are hugely talented. Eyes can cloud. Eyes can mist. Eyes can stroke. Eyes can even burn. Eyes do glitter, seethe and glow. Smoulder, prance and twinkle, they are versatile to the core.

Prima Donna, Crepe Parlour, Nis
There are eyes that are open doors, guileless and unafraid. Then there are those like curtain chinks, in a reticent window. Some pairs have a binocular vision, right into your innards, no hiding from them. Others can barely see you, past the rose tint or the jaundice yellow. Every day of one’s life is a tango of the eyes; meet some, lock with a few, avert from the rest.

What makes a person tick? What are they ravenous for? What is the recurrent theme of their life’s saga? Are they to be trusted? Do they inspire fear and rebellion? The eyes hold the answers. They reach out even before the hands can come together for a shake.

Eyes! Window to the soul and skylight for the grand exit when it is time to go.

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