Sunday, July 17, 2011

Art after life

It is the age old egg and hen puzzle. What came first? Who imitates whom? Does life mimic art or is it the art that draws from the living?

My magic formula and one that I have tried to transport to the girls through osmosis is based on the premise that everything happens twice. The first time, it occurs in the mind and the subsequent, real life model flows from this original daring gall. Art therefore comes after life. Whether it is a cross country you aim to run, a painting you wish to paint, a song you would immortalize or a mountain you dream of conquering; it has to happen in the head first of all, before it can play itself out in the three dimensional reality.

City Center Skoplje
Is it any wonder then that we are told the only thing holding us back is our own thoughts, or the lack of them!

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish in life, follow through in your mind first. The world's stage is vacant and waiting. Anybody, just about anyone who has the gumption and imagination to, can walk on from the wings into the spotlight and take it all over.

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