Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chuck them out !

"Just as soon as a child turns seventeen, throw them out of their home into the big bad world,” is Aqseer’s theory. “It makes them better human beings and they crib less about their parents,” says she.

The veracity of this postulation has been brought home to me yet again, lately. I do believe Aqseer is right!

Asawari has been even more of a delight around the house since her return from the nine month stay in Serbia. She assumes responsibility for herself in more ways than one. There is a good natured acceptance of the minor, daily inconveniences. Her dinner plate and bowl is regularly rinsed and washed after the meal. There is an urgent self-direction in her work, study and social network related affairs. The all too rare teen-sulk is camouflaged well! I sense the self-talking going on all the time. She radiates a confident but grounded sense of humor.

We appreciate her efforts to maximize on her time at home. There is a hunger to learn and grow and explore. The house is crackling with energy and spinning a roller skate motion with her around. She is appreciative, understanding and sporting.

Keep it up Chidia ! You are pitching in beautifully and for good measure, you just proved Sodhi Senior right!!

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