Saturday, July 2, 2011

Enough is suffiicient

For these two, my daughters Aqseer and Asawari, enough is more than sufficient. Happy to chase raw mango slices on the beach, they are thrilled to be feasting on roadside tea and sampling cotton candy sweet off the hawker. The markets, the plazas and the malls mostly leave them cold. Many a tussle have I engaged the two in, willing them to buy some ‘decent’ stuff but all I got by way of thanks was vacantly disinterested looks.

There is nil desire to keep up with brands unless it is a camera under discussion or perhaps a value addition of a gizmo, barring cell phones. Not jewellery, neither accessories nor clothes. Their shopping is strictly on a ‘need to’ basis. They do slow down occasionally outside book shops, music stores and curio corners but that’s about it. All that advertising and marketing is completely wasted upon them.

Perhaps it is a phase. Maybe it is a question of 'priority' as they say. It is possible that I should be congratulating myself for having such lackluster shoppers for daughters. Or could it be that they are just being me! 

Enough has always been way, way more than sufficient.

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