Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feminist prototype

It makes me proud to see your heart

Beat for women, all torn apart
You sense the paradox of their lives
There is anger at the social lies

An edgy status, a secondary citizen

Despite their elitist education
Prickly, constant and inbuilt
This shattering sense of eternal guilt

That adjustment, compromise and appeasement

Will be her grandest statement
And should she dare to veer any
There better be an engine many

While you perceive this with appal

Aflame at the unfairness of it all
You forget to extend that charity
To the shuffling piece of maternity

Her tear bounces off your arrogance
Of the cord there’s a certain severance
As though a boning with the Bowie
Spare her this dear God, she is my baby

Defunct and desolate she might seem

Bright but bitter in basic theme
The one you ladle wisdom to
Was once as fiery and free as you!

Note:All pics of the whiz baker and Asawari's Serb home-stay Mom Nada, taken by Aqseer.

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