Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pachmarhi Reunion

When darkness falls and all you hear is the ticking of a clock, the mind wanders. Somewhere between the persistent chirping of the crickets and the occasional honk from the main road, thoughts dart around in the head, beating, rising, subsiding, calming. 

There is a pretend stillness. A deceptive tranquillity masking the frenzied action just below the surface repose. It’s a nano while, a micro time in space when souls are purported to embark on astral travel, shunting between levels of evolution. Where do they go? Who do they meet? What do they do?

Come sunlight and the mundane life kicks back in, another schedule to keep, one more task to accomplish, there are deadlines to meet. Yet another night of all human lives is over and done with; another day left less to live.

So much goes on all the while, our lives are humming with urgency at any given time. It feels like the world will come crashing down if we so much as blinked an eye. And so the frenetic desperation goes on unhindered, cluttering our precious time with useless moments and non-memories. And then comes a dazzling day if you are lucky, once in decades.

It is no different in a physical sense and yet vastly special in clarity of recall, in the sharpness of senses, in the intensity of emotion, in the authenticity of being. The grass shines greener, the air crackles with energy, there is buoyancy in the ground and benevolence comes shooting down the trees. The usual essentials become the peripherals; you don’t remember the food, the drinks or the snacks. What registers is the niceness of being!

There is the fondness of seniors who have seen you at your most vulnerable. There is the pride of grandparents at their prospering clans. There are the non-judgemental ears of childhood buddies who are content just listening. And there is that generous, all embracing, accepting fold of a familiar community that does not doubt, does not ask, does not compare.

A richly layered event, abundant in potential and possibilities can then qualify to be defined only by one term; the Pachmarhi Reunion, 6th Nov 2011.  Here is to the Satpura Queen of the 1970s and the 1980s. Cheers!

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