Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Caramel bask

They are brave little things, those shafts of yellow, breaking through the heavy, frigid air. They are courageous to retain their warmth despite the chill they penetrate. They are invaluable for their transient and fleeting presence. They are heartbreakingly beautiful, shimmery, twinkling paths for merry little specks of earth. They are faithful in their assured, daily appearance. They are carriers of energy, of soothing warmth and a hope for the next session of the mellow yellow.

No radiator, no convector, no blower can match the flaxen warmth of a wintery sun. The sunbeams are delicious in how they toast and warm, stealing up the limbs in thin waves, defrosting and freeing up the numbed cells. The incandescence can be mesmeric, hypnotic in its pull, dragging people along as it shadows around a backyard patch or a sunny front lawn.

The waves of radiance teach and remind in as much as they lull and tranquilize. 

In that brief, tawny blaze is the truth that “this too shall pass”, like everything else in life. It can be safely construed from the flickering caramel bake that “life flows and changes and nothing will last” The dusty straws of glow radiate the words, “only you can bring peace to yourself”.The honeyed flash takes the edge off humdrum fatigue, hinting at “a source of vitality somewhere in the world that man can connect to.” The sparkling scintilla console as though reiterating that, “a single life can make a huge difference.”

If I were to choose one thing I would wish to do more of in 2012, it would be this: a bask in the glimmering freeze!

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