Thursday, February 2, 2012


The deadliest demons lurk in our heads. Like horned devils, they sit, picking the worst moments to spring up; those nasty pieces of work.

A human mind has to be the world’s most fascinating and complex contraption. One can never say when and how a connection will go short circuiting, birthing self-perpetuating hellions in that moment of mis-alignment, sowing seeds for all times of paralytic dins, at sadistic hours.
Have you been lucky enough, not to have made their acquaintances, those deep, dark aural clouds of self-doubt, guilt and inadequacy?! You are a fortunate one to have escaped the rogues and extremely lucky to have stayed whole and confident and upbeat and forward looking.

Unfortunately, this brand of personal wholesomeness is a myth. Most of us are engaged in beating down our anxieties, shynessess, and guilt, every single day. Some of the world’s most creative and successful people are hosts to their own versions of Mephistopheles. It is hard to say where these diminishing zealots sprout from. A childhood trauma, sibling rivalry, skin colour themes, overly critical parents, unrealistic expectations, financial insecurities, past life baggage which is to say, the list could be a ream long.

The good news is that far from feeling crippled in the presence of these goblin ghosts, humans are for the most part, programmed to draw strength from them. Much in the fashion of restless catalysts, their demons spur them on. They might be the very lessons the hosts have come to the earth to learn. And the fact that they know not where they are headed with these devils, is what keeps them going. In that sense, demons are empowering entities, giving wisdom and keeping hosts from tailspins.

But of course, demons defy. Demons debilitate. Demons dwarf. Demons dramatize. Demons devour and deny, leaving many of us too frightened to live and too week to flourish. Like narcissists Daimons, they feed on attention. The thing to do therefore, is to beat and drown them out with actions. Bring them out of the cranial lobes, draw strength from their stubborn existence, air them and puuuff...snuff them out. 

"You are no good, you are too dark, you are too tall, you are too challenged," these demonic little voices in the head and heart have to be used and exorcised in a channelized exercise.

That first leap from the bed in the morning has got to be one  of faith. 

The day has to begin with a firm resolve to last, no matter what or who the demon standing in the way!

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