Saturday, February 11, 2012

Help !

Twenty five facts your child’s teacher may not have shared with you!

*When selecting children to represent the school, parental involvement is taken a hard look at.

*The child’s tiffin is a pretty accurate indicator of the care he/she is getting at home.

*Some children in her class, the teacher is just waiting to pass on !

*Even though the teachers advocate impartiality, they most certainly have their favourites.

*She projects students she wants to build up for future appointments in school.

*Teachers’ kids very often do better because their mothers are nervous of a poor self-reflection.

*An occasional note from home will be tolerated but a constant pitch is taken as a harangue.

*Most teachers keep a close track of what their colleagues are up to in their own class rooms! 
*Any stressful condition at home is immediately visible in the class room.

*Kids at times, do share confidential information with their teachers.

*It is good to pay heed to the teacher’s personal observation of your children, she is on their side.

*A good teacher works terribly hard, appreciation will encourage her to do more.

*Teachers love being remembered by old students, it is their chief reward.

*Parent-teacher meetings are not on her list of ‘best days’.

*It really bothers her when there is no response from the parents to her notes sent home.

*Students come into a class with a reputation and leave with a reputation.

*When across a child she has taught, she expects to be acknowledged ! 

*Your justification that the child does beautifully at home holds no water with her.

*Gifts are best avoided.

*Phone calls on her cell phone after school upset her balance.   
*It eases her correction work if the student reproduces her answers verbatim !

*A written complaint to the institution head has a lasting effect and not necessarily positive.

*The disrespect you air at home shows in your child’s attitude to the teacher in school.

*The pressure to go home with a ‘good’ or a ‘star’ comes up in class.

*The world is waiting to corrode them; we should let them be their natural, friendly and helpful selves in school.

Final word: Yes, there are some indifferent teachers, perhaps there have been some disastrous experiences as well but many teachers I know, want to do justice to their class. 

Parents can help them to help their kids.

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