Monday, March 19, 2012


The three ruling BJP MLAs involved in the porn watching scandal have been let off.

What is the moral of the story?

That we are a nation that does not respect our work spaces. That we have been seeing such a soul scorching moral deficit in public life that incidents like these do not make our eyelids bat any more. That those in power can get away with anything. That our brazen leaders exist in bottomless pits, one can never tell the new low they will hit. Or that they are working such long hours, all needs have to perforce, be met at work!

Without going into the merit of evidence or the lack of it and the admission of guilt that followed, the story goes that there were at least eight to ten more MLAs watching adult content in the assembly that day.

It is an obscenity of the highest order. It is a let-down of the worst kind. Here we are, looking up to our representative houses as inspirational role models for our young, holding them up as the sacred spaces where democracy lives and breathes. Why; we have taken our Grade V several times on a hugely popular trip of the Parliament. It will most certainly give me a dirty, creepy and unclean feeling next time, knowing the extra-curricular activities the ‘honorable’ members of the house are capable of indulging in those aisles we shuffle past, in an awed hush.

I am the old school I am proud to admit, brought up to hold that work is worship. We were raised to believe that there is a certain decorum, a formal focus and an alert concentration associated with the place of business. Cell phones are barred in class rooms, are they not, just as alcohol is not permitted inside a surgical theatre. Fancy a pilot solving a crossword while flying or a chef who fiddled with Grooveshark on his I-Pad while the quiche smoked and cindered.

The Indian Porngate has been disastrous at several levels. It is a form of moral vandalism far deadlier than mere terrorism, striking at a community’s self-image and value system. With their putrid dismissiveness of their environment, these reckless human rhinos have dumped night soil on a shrine.

I wonder what their kids thought of their frisky fathers. And no, I do not think sex is dirty but porn has other dimensions  and placed in context, their lust-driven, out of place action speaks of outright disrespect for their country and her citizens. They do not deserve to be in India's highest place of work.

All pics by Aqseer.

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