Friday, March 2, 2012

Strength bonds

I would be dead without them.

Well, not lifeless but with a whole lot less of a life than I have today.  

They are my family in absentia and I hesitate to even name them because they are so much their own people, they would be embarrassed at being acknowledged. The strange thing is that I don’t meet them regularly; in fact with some, the twinkling moments have been merely digital in nature; the commonality however, has been the role they have played in my life during vital phases.

Perhaps their appearance and presence in my scheme of things has been proof of my abiding belief that life conspires to give you what you want, if you set out on the path with clarity and resolve enough. This conviction that I often share with my girls, springs from personal experience. Every time I have stuck my neck out and called into the ether, a voice has bounced back. I have reached out, only to find a strong and sure grip waiting. Just the mere hint of a cloud, a fog, a smog, and there have been these people, dissolving the blur with perceptive words of wisdom.

No, they do not wear wings, nor are they dreamy apparitions. They are travellers on their own paths and happened to be in positions to facilitate my own journey. Forthcoming with their insights and views, they were empathetic and generous with their responses. They  answered, clarified, assured and gave me of their trust and open friendship. And it is amazing how keen and quick they were to grasp what I needed to hear, instantly connecting without fear and judgement.

Not in this but perhaps in another space and time, we were a regular family, I am certain. Who is to say? I am just so glad to have had them touch my life thus. 

Salad carving by a Sangini and pics by author

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