Sunday, March 3, 2013


I watch you grow with pride  
You’re sure and strong in stride
The certainty that you matter
Must never ever shatter

The darts when they come
From outside yes some
But watch out for those
That will come from close

A haven that heals
Wounds and bad deals
May become your inferno
Its ringmaster your beau

His family will idolize
Their son, a grand prize
You may be dismissed
Have you reminisced?

Put down they may
In many a way
Food and his care
They will have you dare

Your music is shoddy
Do not neglect your body
Another’s wife a master cook
No cobweb may you brook

When you take the wheel
Does he guide and squeal
Who has the remote?
Is he mocking your taste?

There’s an hour I fear
Pray hark my dear
As much as the physical
Rape can be mental

You are bright and gay
And you hold sway
Over life, a time
Of dozen, a dime

No hitting no names?!
Look out for other games
And have a plan
If he is not half the man 

Valentine does not pose
With diamonds and rose
He is one who will cherish
Not letting you perish

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