Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Inertia (Nano Fiction)

Maneka was used to it. “Let’s try something different for New Year this time,” was all she had said.

The announcement met with groans of dismay. “It won’t work!” said Gina. “We don’t have enough time,” was Neema’s opinion. And Rajat was categorical, “Too much effort.”

Maneka had learnt the hard way that the one who floats the idea gets to swim or sink with it. Alone! But she had made it to the shore so often that resistance no longer fazed her. The smile would just get broader as she pressed on.

In time, a few of her group began to make some listless motions. There were late shows, forgotten chores, and casual follow up, outright protests on occasions. But miraculously enough the venue got booked, permissions received and the event minutiae finalized.

India Gate had not seen a party like the eve of 2014. A hundred and fifty children from the SOS Village at Faridabad fetched up to usher in 2015 under the bright shade of India’s historic monument. The city’s Radio FM broadcasted the event and the SOS newsletter touted it as a model of civic engagement. The group was ecstatic. It suddenly became hard to tell who was claiming the evening the loudest.

Matter does remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force

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