Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Plan (Nano Fiction)

The Singh family gathered themselves and hunkered down. Their matriarch, Dr Jasneet Kaur, had a crunch of a professional event approaching. The preparations would rival those for the Battle of Bogra. “Anticipate and project ahead and think of everything!  There are thumb rules.  It all takes longer than planned, list it out and keep striking the tasks off,” the doctor had little faith in her family’s retention power.

Things went as planned. The car was tanked up, its wheels pumped and rearing. Jasneet ran her green pen through points reading: clothes, stand by saving of content, touch base with the host hospital, stationery, phone charge, water bottle, coffee flask and wallet look over. The family help was summoned and briefed on the mission.

The evening before, Jasneet finally laid her head back on her revolving chair. She sat gazing at her peach colored saree hanging on the wardrobe. Her half closed eyes swivelled to the shoe rack. Her comfortable Hush Puppies had been given the cream treatment. Just before calling it a night, the doctor scanned her to-do list one final time before crumpling it and aiming it at the dustbin. She turned in, pulling the quilt slowly over her slack body. The radiator’s glow cupped her smiling face.

The Singh household was jarred awake by a hair raising shriek from the bathroom. Doctor Jasneet had left the geyser to chance!

It isn’t always that haste alone makes waste.

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