Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Selfie (Nano Fiction)

Like any other award ceremony, there were two camps. One glowed while the other glowered. The cameras however, were common. People slipped effortlessly into their chronic photo poses. Selfies abounded. There were group selfies, pair selfies and the genuine selfie. Who got cut off in which frame depended entirely on the length of the photographer’s arm.

Kaveri‘s ipad was rapidly running out of memory.

There is this modern tendency to pout in pictures. The veterans of profile pictures know precisely which angle to present. In a near universal drill, you inhale, tuck in the belly, stretch up the neck, fluff out the hair, widen the eyes and stretch those lips across the pearlies. Voila! “Let’s just check the picture is all good”, declared Kaveri.  It rarely is! One or the other will whinge, “No, let’s take a couple more, quick ones, then we can delete what we don’t like.”

Kaveri began to flit around the group frantically, trying to stay ahead of her family’s patience. Also, the clouds were getting ready to deliver their plump load. Everyone shuffled hastily under the closest door arch, huddling around her to pore over the ipad gallery.

It was a surprisingly happy group. No one noticed the flaw in any one’s picture; they were so busy looking at themselves!

All you truly own is yourself, don’t they say?

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